Do You Know The Benefits of Milk Powder

If you think milk powder is only used for tea and some kind of food items then you are wrong. You probably surprised to know about other amazing benefits of milk powder. Lets discussed some amazing benefits of milk powder that you never know before.

Shaving Gel

If your shaving gel finished or not available sometimes you can shave with milk powder with confidence as a shave gel. Mix it with and make a paste and used it as your shaving gel.

Insects Bite Pain Killer

Mix the same amount of milk powder and water together and add some salt. Now place this paste to the same area where insects bite and you have pain there. 

Restore Skin Moisture

If the skin is too dry, cool the milk powder and apply some quantities on your face. Leave it to absorb the ingredients. Wash after few minutes. 

Face Mask

Mix water and milk powder to make a thick paste and apply to your face as a face mask. Leave it for twenty minutes wait for it may dry and wash your face. 

Shine Your Teeth

The powder also helps keep your teeth pearly white and Healthy. Apply a little bit toothpaste on the brush and small amount of milk powder put on your toothpaste and brush your teeth. Do not try this procedure more than once than a week.

Polish your Silver Pots

Put the milk powder into water and then add lemon or vinegar to it. Silver Pots put into this water for half an hour and after wash these pots with soap and dry them. 

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