Govt to pay three months electricity bills for small businesses

Govt of Pakistan will Pay Electricity Bills For Small Industries and Business for three months for all over the Pakistan including Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Eligibility To Get Electricity Bill Small Business Up To 5 KW and Industry 70 KW Your electricity meter should installation date should be 1st of march 2020 Electricity Facilities from The Govt. of Pakistan Govt. Will pay three month bills and adjust that amount in the may and June 2020 bills For Business Meter is Pakistani Govt. will help up to 100000 Rupees and For Industry it will be 450000 Rupees This amount will be equals to the May June and July 2019 Bills This Amount you can use until next six months Govt of Pakistan will pay your bill except the arrears For Complains Please Contact your nearest DISCO Office